Content Management for the Global Ethics Leader

NAVEX Global was formed in 2012 to become the leader in the emerging field of ethics and compliance. NAVEX engaged OMBU to help implement content marketing tools that would support and accelerate their rapid growth and global expansion.

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navexglobal.comA screenshot of the NAVEX Global home page


Technology Strategy
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Marketo Integration
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Infrastructure Management

The Visionary

When NAVEX’s expansion efforts started to bear results, their website and content management system (CMS) soon got in the way. The existing website and content management tools had not been designed to support rapid change and growth. Creating pages and campaigns to support new initiatives took too long, and the site lacked the integrations necessary to track engagement and success metrics. Additionally, the website started feel slow and unreliable. The business teams had a vision for the tools they would need to engage with new customers today and tomorrow.

navexglobal.comA screenshot of the NAVEX Global blog

The Solution

OMBU designed and implemented a website backed by an enterprise content management system (CMS) that empowers NAVEX Global to personally engage customers across their global markets. Marketing teams are able to launch rich, custom landing pages for new products and campaigns in minutes, with no IT involvement, allowing them to iterate, test and optimize at breakneck speeds. The campaigns support system integrations that allow marketing teams to track omni-channel campaign performance in Marketo and Salesforce.

The website features a resource center designed to position NAVEX as the global thought leader in ethics and compliance. The resource center publishes reports, guides, white papers, webinars and videos and is a key conversion point for new business, deeply integrated with Marketo’s progressive enhancement to intelligently and automatically grow lead profiles.

While building the new website, NAVEX had ambitious plans to expand to international markets, so OMBU built a backend with translation, URL and SEO functions to support any number of locales. As NAVEX started opening offices in new markets, the website was ready to keep up and empower the local teams not only to translate content, but also to tailor the website experience and campaigns to local products and market conditions.

navexglobal.comA screenshot of a NAVEX Global resource page.

Technology Innovations

Page Builder
A page builder feature enables marketers to assemble custom landing pages for new products and campaigns without technical help. The page builder has blocks for text, callouts, media and custom campaign forms that can be sized and arranged for the best layout for every situation, and enable iterative optimization.
NAVEX Global has customers in over 200 countries, so we built powerful localization into the core of their content management system. NAVEX’s team can quickly launch locales, clone pages between locales and translate any site content. For visitors, the experience is seamless, as the site gently guides users to their relevant content.
Marketo Marketing Automation
We built custom integrations with the Marketo marketing automation platform at the core of NAVEX’s website to empower their marketing teams to reach new leads, gather insights about visitors and content performance, and run omni-channel campaigns. Using our solution, marketers can embed custom Marketo forms on landing pages, without technical help, allowing them to launch campaigns in minutes.
<abbr title="Amazon Web Services">AWS</abbr> infrastructure
NAVEX’s website gets global traffic at large scale. When NAVEX is in the news or one of their resources goes viral, the site sees quick, massive spikes in traffic. OMBU designed the CMS to leverage the best cloud technology available, such as load-balancing, auto-scaling, cross-region replication, and content delivery networks, to make sure the site remains fast and available under any conditions.