Powering Visionaries

Dioptra Rapid, Rigorous Cost-Efficiency Analysis for Humanitarian Aid Programs

Developing a program cost analysis product for a consortium of international NGOs.

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eTRM An Energy Efficiency Measure Database for California

Utilities in California needed a modern, collaborative tool to draft energy efficiency measures that would help the state meet the requirements of the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act.

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Mazamas Technology Tools for Climbers and Outdoor Stewards

OMBU’s mission was to completely overhaul the record keeping, website, fundraising, and activity participation processes of a 125-year-old organization, turning Mazamas from a pen-and-paper organization into a digital one.

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Cherriots Easy-to-Use Public Transit Tools for the Salem, OR Region

OMBU designed and launched an enterprise CMS website for the Salem Area Mass Transit District, with a GTFS-driven interactive system map, where transit users can plan trips accurately and subscribe to service alerts notifications through SMS and email.

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Northwest Power Pool Modernizing Power Utility Training

OMBU created a cutting-edge training platform for power utilities, so power plant operators can keep up-to-date on mandated certifications and the latest trends.

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