OMBU designs and builds the web’s best technology. We are a multifaceted team that can design creatively, leverage technology effectively and lead stakeholder teams.
Since 2009, we’ve seen our solutions transform organizations. We’ve helped companies enter global markets, nonprofit organizations (NGOs) engage with volunteers in real time, and utility companies pool together to reduce carbon emissions. Every project we complete is a testament to the tremendous value technology can unleash for organizations. We’ve never been more passionate about what we do.

Our clients come to us for
three solution areas:

Our Story

OMBU was founded in 2009 by Martin Rio, who drove across the country from Washington D.C. to Portland in a VW bus with a laptop, a phone, and a burning passion for technology. In 2012, we launched a redesigned paramount.com for Paramount Pictures, proving that a small team of top talent can build big things on the web.

Since then, we’ve worked with clients like the Smithsonian Institute, Car Talk, Nike, and Stand for Children to come up with great ideas that turn into business-critical applications.

A Volkswagen bus

Our Clients

Clients come to us from all industries and sectors — We partner with organizations seeking a creative technology partner with a track record of delivering.
Paramount Pictures
University of Oregon
Car Talk
Smithsonian Institution
Energy Trust of Oregon
California Technical Forum
Oregon Metro
NAVEX Global
Mentor Graphics
Saturday Academy
Oregon Convention Center