Energy Trust of Oregon

Encouraging Energy Efficiency by Improving the Incentive Application Process

Energy Trust of Oregon hired OMBU to simplify the process that residents of Oregon and Washington use to apply for cash incentives for energy efficiency improvements.

Determining a customer’s project qualification for a cash incentive is complex and error prone. Incentives have multi-dimensional dependencies and validity rules that change and expire quickly. Energy Trust struggled with this problem in prior iterations of the incentive application. OMBU’s solution has three parts:

  • First, we created a backend system aligned closely with Energy Trust’s incentive management process. Now, staff simply uploads the current incentive portfolio without error prone data manipulation.
  • Second, we developed a test suite that staff use to mock incentive applications and their expected incentives. Now, Energy Trust can be sure that common scenarios, as well as edge cases, always work as expected.
  • Third, OMBU designed a simple, user-friendly and accessible application flow that drastically reduced form errors and abandonment.
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